Guidelines for clearing permissions of copyrighted material.

It is the responsibility of each author to obtain the necessary permissions for images used in the volume, and authors are responsible for any costs associated with these permissions, including providing copies of the book in exchange for waived fees.

The published content should in no way infringe any existing copyright. Permission must be obtained in good time from the copyright holder to reproduce any copyright material which may include prose extracts, poetry, diagrams, tables, photographs, illustrations, and images, including images for use on the cover of the volume. In the case of the latter, you will need to specifically request the right to reproduce the image on the cover of the volume.

Please remind authors to pursue this promptly and ensure that the correct permissions are sought for each image. We cannot proceed with production without confirmation of permission to reproduce all images.

The issue of what might be reproduced without having to seek permission is notoriously complex. In 2008 the British Academy and the Publishers Association published the Joint Guidelines on Copyright and Academic Research: Guidelines for researchers and publishers in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

When requesting permission to re-use material, please note that this should be for worldwide distribution, in English language rights for the following uses:

  • Print publication
  • Ebook publication
  • Online publication in British Academy Scholarship Online (an online digital research library, accessible only to subscribers: NB this is not an e-book).

Rights should not be time limited. Please note that whilst the British Academy is a registered charity, our publications are commercial titles.

If you have any questions, the Publishing department will be pleased to advise you.

View a sample permissions letter.

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