1997 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1998

Qumran: Founded for Scripture. The Background and Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls [Special]
Hartmut Stegemann, pages 1-14

Life and Work in Shakespeare’s Poems [Chatterton]
Colin Burrow, pages 15-50

The Poetry of the Caroline Court [Warton]
Thomas N Corns, pages 51-73

The Winthrop Variation: A Model of American Identity [Phillips]
Sacvan Bercovitch, pages 75-94

Beyond Class? Social Structures and Social Perceptions in Modern England [Raleigh]
David Cannadine, pages 95-118

Social Intelligence and the Emergence of Roles and Rules [Radcliffe-Brown]
Esther Goody, pages 119-147

Plagiarism [British Academy, 1998]
Christopher Ricks, pages 149-168

Being Responsible and Being a Victim of Circumstance [Maccabaean, 1998]
Tony Honoré, pages 169-187

What is Labour-Market Flexibility? What is it Good for? [with discussion by Charles Bean and Robert Rowthorn] [Keynes]
Robert M Solow, pages 189-211

Eric Barff Birley, 1906–1995
Brian Dobson, pages 215-232

Thomas Burrow, 1909–1986
J C Wright, pages 235-254

Alistair Cameron Crombie, 1915–1996
J D North, pages 257-270

Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards, 1909–1996
T G H James, pages 273-290

Edmund Ronald Leach, 1910–1989
Stanley J Tambiah, pages 293-344

Antony Charles Lloyd, 1916–1994
Richard Sorabji, pages 347-355

Seton Howard Frederick Lloyd, 1902–1996
J D Hawkins, pages 359-377

Donald MacKenzie MacKinnon, 1913–1994
Stewart Sutherland, pages 381-389

Kenneth Arthur Muir, 1907–1996
Inga-Stina Ewbank, pages 393-409

Stuart Piggott, 1910–1996
Roger Mercer, pages 413-442

Edmond Sollberger, 1920–1989
Terence C Mitchell, pages 445-463

Eric Thomas Stokes, 1924–1981
C A Bayly, pages 467-498

Arthur Dale Trendall, 1909–1995
Ian McPhee, pages 501-517

Cicely Veronica Wedgwood, 1910–1997
Austin Woolrych, pages 521-534

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