Agriculture in Egypt, From Pharaonic to Modern Times

Volume published 1999

Alan K Bowman & Eugene Rogan, pages xi-xii

Agriculture in Egypt from Pharaonic to Modern Times
Alan K Bowman & Eugene Rogan, pages 1-32

The Village Economy in Pharaonic Egypt
Christopher J Eyre, pages 33-60

Land-Tenure in the New Kingdom: The Role of Women Smallholders and the Military
Sally L D Katary, pages 61-82

The Land-Tenure Regime in Ptolemaic Upper Egypt
J G Manning, pages 83-105

Irrigation and Drainage in the Early Ptolemaic Fayyum
Dorothy J Thompson, pages 107-122

New and Old in the Ptolemaic Fayyum
Dorothy J Thompson, pages 123-138

Agricultural Tenancy and Village Society in Roman Egypt
Jane Rowlandson, pages 139-158

The Village of Theadelphia in the Fayyum: Land and Population in the Second Century
Michael Sharp, pages 159-192

Agrarian History and the Labour Organisation of Byzantine Large Estates
Jairus Banaji, pages 193-216

Agriculture among the Christian Population of Early Islamic Egypt: Practice and Theory
Terry G Wilfong, pages 217-235

Land-Tenure in Egypt in the First Five Centuries of Islamic Rule (Seventh-Twelfth Centuries AD)
Gladys Frantz-Murphy, pages 237-266

International Trade and the Medieval Egyptian Countryside
A L Udovitch, pages 267-285

Fayyum Agriculture at the End of the Ayyubid Era: Nabulsi’s Survey
James G Keenan, pages 287-299

A Tale of Two Villages: Family, Property, and Economic Activity in Rural Egypt in the 1840s
Kenneth M Cuno, pages 301-329

An Industrial Revolution in Agriculture? Some Observations on the Evolution of Rural Egypt in the Nineteenth Century
Ghislaine Alleaume, pages 331-345

A Long Look at Nearly Two Centuries of Long Staple Cotton
Roger Owen, pages 347-365

Irrigation in Contemporary Egypt
Nicholas S Hopkins, pages 367-385

State, Landlord, Parliament and Peasant: The Story of the 1992 Tenancy Law in Egypt
Reem Saad, pages 387-404

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