1996 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1997

Early and Medieval Merv: A Tale of Three Cities [Reckitt]
Georgina Herrmann, pages 1-43

Beowulf in the Twentieth Century [Gollancz]
Fred C Robinson, pages 45-62

Michelangelo and his First Biographers [Italian, 1995]
Michael Hirst, pages 63-84

Traps and Discoveries at the Globe [Shakespeare]
Andrew Gurr, pages 85-101

Politics and Manners from Sir Robert Walpole to Sir Robert Peel [Raleigh]
Paul Langford, pages 103-125

Coleridge’s New Poetry [Warton]
J C C Mays, pages 127-156

George Eliot: Immanent Victorian [Master-Mind]
Catherine Gallagher, pages 157-172

Yeats and Remorse [Chatterton]
Peter McDonald, pages 173-206

Harold Macmillan and the Middle East Crisis of 1958 [Kedourie]
William Roger Louis, pages 207-228

Honour [Radcliffe-Brown, 1995]
Julian Pitt-Rivers, pages 229-251

Alfred Jules Ayer, 1910–1989
Anthony Quinton, pages 255-282

Caroline Penrose Hammond Bammel, 1940–1995
Henry Chadwick, pages 285-291

Alfred Felix Landon Beeston, 1911–1995
Edward Ullendorff, pages 295-316

Charles Oscar Brink, 1907–1994
H D Jocelyn, pages 319-354

John Grahame Douglas Clark, 1907–1995
John Coles, pages 357-387

Donald Alfred Davie, 1922–1995
Philip Edwards, pages 391-412

Esmond Samuel de Beer, 1895–1990
John Simmons, pages 415-425

Geoffrey Rudolph Elton, 1921–1994
Patrick Collinson, pages 429-455

Moses Finley, 1912–1986
C R Whittaker, pages 459-472

Arthur Lehman Goodhart, 1891–1978
R E Megarry, pages 475-487

Robert William Hamilton, 1905–1995
P R S Moorey, pages 491-509

Donald Benjamin Harden, 1901–1994
John G Hurst, pages 513-539

Ragnhild Marie Hatton, 1913–1995
Matthew Anderson, pages 543-553

David Malcolm Lewis, 1928–1994
Simon Hornblower, pages 557-596

Karl Joseph Leyser, 1920–1992
Henry Mayr-Harting, pages 599-624

Alec Nove, 1915–1994
Archie Brown & Alec Cairncross, pages 627-641

Karl Raimund Popper, 1902–1994
John Watkins, pages 645-684

Frederic James Edward Raby, 1888–1966
Michael Lapidge, pages 687-704

Edward Austin Gossage Robinson, 1897–1993
G C Harcourt, pages 707-731

James Runcieman Sutherland, 1900–1996
John Chalker, pages 735-750

Christopher Guy Thorne, 1934–1992
D Cameron Watt, pages 753-767

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