1994 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1995

Kush: An African State in the First Millennium BC [Reckitt, 1995]
László Török, pages 1-38

The Late Anglo-Saxon State: A Maximum View [Raleigh, 1991]
James Campbell, pages 39-65

‘Pite for to here — pite for to se’: Some Scenes of Pathos in Late Medieval English Literature [Gollancz]
Douglas Gray, pages 67-99

Violence and Sensationalism in the Plays of Shakespeare and other Dramatists [Shakespeare]
John Russell Brown, pages 101-118

Voltaire [Master-Mind]
Marc Fumaroli, pages 119-134

From Confederation to Compromise: The Austrian Experiment, 1849–1867 [Raleigh]
R J W Evans, pages 135-167

‘The glow-worm’s 96 per cent efficiency’: Hugh MacDiarmid’s Poetry of Knowledge [Chatterton]
Robert Crawford, pages 169-187

A Future for the Past: The Political Economy of Heritage [with discussion by Christopher Smout, Mark Blaug, The Rt Hon Sir Richard Luce, et al] [Keynes]
Alan Peacock, pages 189-243

Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, 1907–1990
Colin Murray Parkes, pages 247-261

John Manuel Cook, 1910–1994
John Boardman, pages 265-273

Frederick Charles Copleston, 1907–1994
Gerard J Hughes, pages 277-286

Henry Clifford Darby, 1909–1992
Michael Williams, pages 289-306

Reynold Alleyne Higgins, 1916–1993
J N Coldstream, pages 309-324

Geoffrey Shorter Holmes, 1928–1993
Austin Woolrych, pages 327-336

William George Hoskins, 1908–1992
Joan Thirsk, pages 339-354

Elie Kedourie, 1926–1992
Alan Beattie, pages 357-381

William Calvert Kneale, 1906–1990
Timothy Smiley, pages 385-397

George Daniel Ramsay, 1909–1992
R B Wernham, pages 401-414

John Kenneth Sinclair St Joseph, 1912–1994
D R Wilson, pages 417-436

Robert Bertram Serjeant, 1915–1993
G Rex Smith, pages 439-452

Adrian Nicholas Sherwin-White, 1911–1993
P A Brunt, pages 455-470

Otto Skutsch, 1906–1990
G P Goold, pages 473-489

Günther Zuntz, 1902–1992
Martin Hengel, pages 493-522

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