Social Complexity and the Development of Towns in Iberia, From the Copper Age to the Second Century AD

Volume published 1995

Barry Cunliffe & Simon Keay, pages 1-4

Diversity in the Landscape: The Geographical Background to Urbanism in Iberia
Barry Cunliffe, pages 5-28

Urbanism in Copper and Bronze Age Iberia?
Robert Chapman, pages 29-46

From Trading Post to Town in the Phoenician-Punic World
Maria Eugenia Aubet, pages 47-65

Phoenician Toscanos as a Settlement Model? Its Urbanistic Character in the Context of Phoenician Expansion and Iberian Acculturation
Hans Georg Niemeyer, pages 67-88

Plaza de Armas de Puente Tablas: New Contributions to the Knowledge of Iberian Town Planning in the Seventh to Fourth Centuries BC
Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez, pages 89-108

The Fortified Settlement of La Picola (Santa Pola, Alicante) and the Greek Influence in South-east Spain
Pierre Moret, Ana Puigcerver, Pierre Rouillard, María José Sánchez & Pierre Sillières, pages 109-125

Greek Imports at the Extremities of the Mediterranean, West and East: Reflections on the Case of Iberia in the Fifth Century BC
B B Shefton, pages 127-155

Recent Discoveries at the Harbour of the Greek City of Emporion (L’Escala, Catalonia, Spain) and in its Surrounding Area (Quarries and Iron Workshops)
Enric Sanmartí-Greco, pages 157-174

From Hillforts to Oppida in ‘Celtic’ Iberia
Martín Almagro-Gorbea, pages 175-207

Las Cogotas: Oppida and the Roots of Urbanism in the Spanish Meseta
Gonzalo Ruiz Zapatero & Jesús R Alvarez-Sanchís, pages 209-235

The Iron Age in South and Central Portugal and the Emergence of Urban Centres
Virgílio Hipólito Correia, pages 237-262

Portuguese Castros: The Evolution of the Habitat and the Proto-Urbanization Process
Armando Coelho Ferreira da Silva, pages 263-289

Innovation and Adaptation: The Contribution of Rome to Urbanism in Iberia
Simon Keay, pages 291-337

neque elegantem, ut arbitror, neque urbanum: Reflections on Iberian Urbanism
J S Richardson, pages 339-354

New Evidence for the Study of the Urbanism of Tarraco
Xavier Dupré i Raventós, pages 355-369

Recent Archaeological Research at Asturica Augusta
Victorino García Marcos & Julio M Vidal Encinas, pages 371-394

Recent Work at Italica
José Manuel Rodríguez Hidalgo & Simon Keay, pages 395-420

Roman Towns and Their Charters: Legislation and Experience
Michael H Crawford, pages 421-430

pages 433-451

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