1993 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1994

Rogier van der Weyden and his Workshop [Art]
Lorne Campbell, pages 1-24

Honourable Dissimulation: Some Italian Advice for the Renaissance Diplomat [Italian]
J R Woodhouse, pages 25-50

The Elizabethan Exclusion Crisis and the Elizabethan Polity [Raleigh]
Patrick Collinson, pages 51-92

Disintegration Once More [Shakespeare]
Frank Kermode, pages 93-111

Dryden’s Past [Chatterton, 1992]
Eric Griffiths, pages 113-149

Economic Performance and Education: The Nature of Britain’s Deficiencies [with discussion by A H Halsey, M FG Scott, et al] [Keynes]
S J Prais, pages 151-207

Judicial Decisions and Social Attitudes [Maccabaean]
The Rt Hon Lord Justice Balcombe, pages 209-232

Kenneth Bourne, 1930–1992
Harry Hearder, pages 235-244

Patrick Arthur Devlin, 1905–1992
R F V Heuston, pages 247-262

Gordon Donaldson, 1913–1993
William Ferguson, pages 265-279

Alison Anna Bowie Fairlie, 1917–1993
Malcolm Bowie, pages 281-292

Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart, 1907–1992
Tony Honoré, pages 295-321

Charles Francis Christopher Hawkes, 1905–1992
D W Harding, pages 323-344

Friedrich August von Hayek, 1899–1992
Denis O'Brien, pages 347-366

Ralph Alexander Leigh, 1915–1987
Robert Wokler, pages 369-391

Francis Alexander Mann, 1907–1991
Lawrence Collins, pages 393-407

Eric Lionel Mascall, 1905–1993
H P Owen, pages 409-418

Walter Fraser Oakeshott, 1903–1987
Jonathan Alexander & Maurice Keen, pages 421-442

Elizabeth Donata Rawson, 1934–1988
T P Wiseman, pages 445-477

Colin Henderson Roberts, 1909–1990
D A F M Russell & P J Parsons, pages 479-483

Francis Henry Sandbach, 1903–1991
E J Kenney, pages 485-503

George Lennox Sharman Shackle, 1903–1992
Brian J Loasby, pages 505-527

Joseph Peter Maria Stern, 1920–1991
Michael Beddow, pages 529-537

Ronald Syme, 1903–1989
G W Bowerstock, pages 539-563

Francis John Bagott Watson, 1907–1992
Geoffrey de Bellaigue, pages 565-577

Reginald Pepys Winnington-Ingram, 1904–1993
M L West, pages 579-597

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