1992 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1993

Archaeology and Modern Human Origins in Europe [Reckitt, 1991]
Paul Mellars, pages 1-35

The Genetics of Celtic Populations [Rhys]
Walter F Bodmer, pages 37-57

The Anaxarchus Case: An Essay on Survival [Dawes Hicks]
Jacques Brunschwig, pages 59-88

The Problem of Christianization [Raleigh]
P R L Brown, pages 89-106

Anglicae linguae interpretatio: Language Contact, Lexical Borrowing and Glossing in Anglo-Saxon England [Gollancz]
Helmut Gneuss, pages 107-148

Muhammad and Jenghiz Khan Compared: The Religious Factor in World Empire Building [Radcliffe-Brown]
Anatoly M Khazanov, pages 149-169

On Individualism [Radcliffe-Brown]
Alan Macfarlane, pages 171-199

Rabelais [Master-Mind]
M A Screech, pages 201-218

Shakespearian Consolations [Shakespeare]
Brian Vickers, pages 219-284

Revolution, Succession and National Identity in American Literature [Phillips]
Stephen Fender, pages 285-301

Manderley Revisited: Rebecca and the English Country House [Warton]
Malcolm Kelsall, pages 303-315

What is Happening to the Distribution of Income in the UK? [Keynes, 1991]
A B Atkinson, pages 317-351

Duncan Black, 1908–1991
R H Coase, pages 353-365

Richard Bevan Braithwaite, 1900–1990
Mary Hesse, pages 367-379

Ralph Henry Carless Davis, 1918–1991
G W S Barrow, pages 381-397

William Keith Hancock, 1898–1988
Anthony Low, pages 399-414

Philip Nicholas Seton Mansergh, 1910–1991
David Harkness, pages 415-430

Karl Theodore Parker, 1895–1992
James Byam Shaw, pages 431-438

Audrey Isabel Richards, 1899–1984
Marilyn Strathern, pages 439-453

Thomas Broun Smith, 1915–1988
The Hon Lord Hunter, pages 455-473

John Richard Nicholas Stone, 1913–1991
Angus Deaton, pages 475-492

Alan John Percivale Taylor, 1906–1990
Chris Wrigley, pages 493-524

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