1991 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1993

Recording Angels and Answering Machines [Warton]
Peter Porter, pages 1-18

The Folk and the Gwerin: The Myth and the Reality of Popular Culture in 19th-Century Scotland and Wales [Rhys]
Christopher Harvie, pages 19-48

Parks and Ardens [Shakespeare]
Anne Barton, pages 49-71

Edmund Spenser, Poet of Exile [Chatterton]
Richard A McCabe, pages 73-103

Hattusha, City of the Gods and Temples: Results of the Excavations in the Upper City [Wheeler]
Peter J Neve, pages 105-132

The Napoleonic Era in Southern Italy: An Ambiguous Legacy? [Italian]
J A Davis, pages 133-148

The Codification of Commercial Law in Victorian Britain [Maccabaean]
Alan Rodger, pages 149-170

Two Types of Naturalism [Philosophical]
T R Baldwin, pages 171-199

Incomplete Market Economies [Keynes, 1992]
Frank Hahn, pages 201-219

Antony Andrewes, 1910–1990
D M Lewis, pages 221-231

John Gordon Beckwith, 1918–1991
Paul Williamson, pages 233-243

Frederick Fyvie Bruce, 1910–1990
I Howard Marshall, pages 245-260

Norman Davis, 1913–1989
Douglas Gray, pages 261-273

Meyer Fortes, 1906–1983
Jack Goody, pages 275-287

Morris Ginsberg, 1889–1970
Jean Floud, pages 289-304

Eugénie Jane Andrina Henderson, 1914–1989
R H Robins, pages 305-317

Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson, 1909–1991
J E Caerwyn Williams, pages 319-332

George Williams Keeton, 1902–1989
L A Sheridan, pages 333-348

Neil Ripley Ker, 1908–1982
A I Doyle, pages 349-359

Russell Meiggs, 1902–1989
Kenneth Dover, pages 361-370

Roger Aubrey Baskerville Mynors, 1903–1989
Michael Winterbottom, pages 371-401

Michael Joseph Oakeshott, 1901–1990
Nevil Johnson, pages 403-423

John Claude Trewinard Oates, 1912–1990
Lotte Hellinga, pages 425-431

Hilary Seton Offler, 1913–1991
P D A Harvey, pages 433-452

Otto Pächt, 1902–1988
Jonathan J G Alexander, pages 453-472

Henry Habberley Price, 1899–1984
Jonathan Harrison, pages 473-491

Ernest Gordon Rupp, 1910–1986
P N Brooks, pages 493-498

Jocelyn Mary Catherine Toynbee, 1897–1985
J M Reynolds, pages 499-508

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