Proceedings of the British Academy 74, 1988

Volume published 1989

Cosmologies of Capitalism: The Trans-Pacific Sector of ‘The World System’ [Radcliffe-Brown]
Marshall Sahlins, pages 1-51

Hamlet: Conversations with the Dead [Shakespeare]
A D Nuttall, pages 53-69

Henry James: Imagining Imagination [Phillips]
Barbara Hardy, pages 71-87

Socrates [Master-Mind]
Gregory Vlastos, pages 89-111

The Rational Imperative: Kant Against Hume [Dawes Hicks]
R C S Walker, pages 113-133

English Poetry and Emphatical Language [Warton]
J H Prynne, pages 135-169

John Trevisa and the Use of English [Gollancz]
Ronald Waldron, pages 171-202

The Growth of British Art History and its Debts to Europe [Thank-Offering]
Francis Haskell, pages 203-224

Consciousness and Content [Philosophical]
Colin McGinn, pages 225-245

From Paris to the Paraclete: The Correspondence of Abelard and Heloise [Raleigh]
David Luscombe, pages 247-283

Fifty Years On: Some Personal Reflections [Keynes]
Donald MacDougall, pages 285-309

Thomas Carew [Chatterton]
John Kerrigan, pages 311-350

Glyn Edmund Daniel, 1914–1986
Stuart Piggott, pages 351-359

Francis Richard David Goodyear, 1936–1987
James Diggle, pages 361-372

James Kinsley, 1922–1984
Kathleen Tillotson, pages 373-387

Mary Dominica Legge, 1905–1986
Marjorie Chibnall, pages 389-403

Arnaldo Dante Momigliano, 1908–1987
Peter Brown, pages 405-442

John Humphrey Carlile Morris, 1910–1984
Peter North, pages 443-481

Walter Ullmann, 1910–1983
John A Watt, pages 483-509

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