Proceedings of the British Academy 71, 1985

Volume published 1986

Report of Council 1984-5
pages 3-90

Recent Discoveries in Syria: The Excavations at Hamman et-Turkman [Reckitt]
Maurits van Loon, pages 91-101

The Present State of the Turkish Language
Geoffrey Lewis, pages 103-117

Josquin and the Fifteenth-century Chanson [Art]
Howard Mayer Brown, pages 119-158

The Reign of King Edward the Third (1596) and Shakespeare [Shakespeare]
Richard Proudfoot, pages 159-185

Hallstatt: Dry Bones and Flesh [Wheeler]
F R Hodson, pages 187-201

Richard Lovelace and the Uses of Obscurity [Chatterton]
Gerald Hammond, pages 203-234

A Keynesian View of the Stagnation of the 1980s [Keynes]
James Tobin, pages 235-250

Sacred Earth: Metaphysical Poetry and the Advance of Science [Warton]
A J Smith, pages 251-266

Aula Renovata: The Carolingian Court before the Aachen Palace [Raleigh]
Donald Bullough, pages 267-301

A Bill of Rights for Britain? The Moral of Contemporary Jurisprudence [Maccabaean]
J M Finnis, pages 303-331

Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin, The Black Book of Carmarthen [Rhys]
A O H Jarman, pages 333-356

Marx and Locke on Land and Labour [Dawes Hicks]
G A Cohen, pages 357-388

Veronese and the Venetian Tradition of Allegory [Italian]
Charles Hope, pages 389-428

Facts and Certainty [Philosophical]
Crispin Wright, pages 429-472

George Cyril Allen, 1900–1982
Margaret Gowing, pages 473-491

George Bradford Caird, 1917–1984
James Barr, pages 493-521

Gertrude Caton Thompson, 1888–1985
Grahame Clark, pages 523-531

Eric John Dobson, 1913–1984
Douglas Gray, pages 533-538

William Empson, 1906–1984
Christopher Ricks, pages 539-554

Kathleen Mary Kenyon, 1906–1978
A D Tushingham, pages 555-582

John Le Patourel, 1909–1981
J C Holt, pages 583-596

Ellis Hovell Minns, 1874–1953
Grahame Clark, pages 597-602

Stephen Charles Neill, 1900–1984
Kenneth Cragg & Owen Chadwick, pages 603-614

Piero Sraffa, 1898–1983
Nicholas Kaldor, pages 615-640

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