Proceedings of the British Academy 70, 1984

Volume published 1985

Report of Council 1983-4
pages 3-88

Geometrical Perspective from Brunelleschi to Desargues: A Pictorial Means or an Intellectual End? [Art]
Martin Kemp, pages 89-132

The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins: ‘Catching the Demi-Urge in the Act’ [Warton]
Graham Storey, pages 133-148

The Dramatic Structure of Shakespeare’s King Henry the Eighth: An Essay in Rehabilitation [Shakespeare]
Glynne Wickham, pages 149-166

Knowledge, Truth, and Reliability [Philosophical]
Simon Blackburn, pages 167-187

Under the Lineage’s Shadow [Radcliffe-Brown]
Jack Goody, pages 189-208

Animal Spirits [Keynes]
R C O Matthews, pages 209-229

Unideal Principles of Editing Old English Verse [Gollancz]
E G Stanley, pages 231-273

Core and Periphery in Modern British History [Raleigh]
Keith Robbins, pages 275-297

Elizabeth Bishop [Chatterton]
Andrew Motion, pages 299-325

An Interpenetration of Opposites? Pre-Han Bronze Metallurgy in West China [Wheeler]
William Watson, pages 327-358

Jacob Burckhardt [Master-Mind]
Hugh Trevor-Roper, pages 359-378

Roy Allen, 1906–1983
Alec Cairncross, pages 379-385

Kenneth Mackenzie Clark, 1903–1983
Michael Levey, pages 387-403

Arthur Rupert Neale Cross, 1912–1980
H L A Hart, pages 405-437

Hubert Douglas Henderson, 1890–1952
Austin Robinson, pages 439-450

Peter Hunter Blair, 1912–1982
Peter Clemoes, pages 451-461

Francis Stewart Leland Lyons, 1923–1983
R F Foster, pages 463-479

Gwilym Ellis Lane Owen, 1922–1982
J L Ackrill, pages 481-499

Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner, 1902–1983
Peter Murray, pages 501-514

Leonard Bertram Schapiro, 1908–1983
Peter Reddaway, pages 515-541

Dorothy Whitelock, 1901–1982
Henry Loyn, pages 543-554

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