Proceedings of the British Academy 68, 1982

Volume published 1983

Report of Council 1981-2
pages 1-78

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Owen Chadwick, pages 79-84

The New Economic Analysis of Law: Scholarship, Sophistry, or Self-Indulgence [Maccabaean, 1981]
Guido Calabresi, pages 85-108

The Dating of Middle Irish Texts [Rhys, 1981]
Gearóid Mac Eoin, pages 109-137

Pindar [Master-Mind]
Hugh Lloyd-Jones, pages 139-163

Nationalism and the Two Forms of Cohesion in Complex Societies [Radcliffe-Brown]
Ernest Gellner, pages 165-187

Is Time Real? Responses to an Unageing Paradox [Dawes Hicks]
R R K Sorabji, pages 189-213

The First West End Comedy [Shakespeare]
Emrys Jones, pages 215-258

Limitations of the ‘General Theory’ [Keynes]
Lord Kaldor, pages 259-273

Persian Painting and the National Epic [Art]
B W Robinson, pages 275-297

Yeats’s Late Plays: ‘A High Grave Dignity and Strangeness’ [Chatterton]
Richard Allen Cave, pages 299-327

Ceasing to Exist [Philosophical]
Peter Winch, pages 329-353

Cadbury-Camelot: A Fifteen-Year Perspective [Wheeler]
Leslie Alcock, pages 355-388

Autobiographical Poetry in the Middle Ages: The Case of Thomas Hoccleve [Gollancz]
J A Burrow, pages 389-412

George Crabbe [Warton]
Arthur Pollard, pages 413-429

The Isthmus Repaired: The Resurgence of the English Aristocracy, 1660–1760 [Raleigh]
John Cannon, pages 431-453

Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge [Philosophical]
John McDowell, pages 455-479

Jack Arthur Walter Bennett, 1911–1981
Norman Davis, pages 481-494

Geoffrey Bullough, 1901–1982
Kenneth Muir, pages 495-502

Eleanora Mary Carus-Wilson, 1897–1977
Marjorie Chibnall, pages 503-520

William Henry Bassano Court, 1904–1971
P J Cain, pages 521-535

David Victor Glass, 1911–1978
W D Borrie, pages 537-560

William Keith Chambers Guthrie, 1906–1981
G E R Lloyd, pages 561-577

Otto Kahn-Freund, 1900–1979
Wedderburn of Charlton, pages 579-584

Humphrey Davy Findley Kitto, 1897–1982
N G L Hammond, pages 585-590

Colin Mackennal Kraay, 1918–1982
C H V Sutherland, pages 591-605

Lionel Benedict Nicolson, 1914–1978
Giles Robertson, pages 607-616

Kenneth Page Oakley, 1911–1981
F W Shotton, pages 617-625

Robert Maxwell Ogilvie, 1932–1981
Russell Meiggs, pages 627-636

Margaret Dickens Whinney, 1894–1975
John Summerson, pages 637-642

Edward Meryon Wilson, 1906–1977
A A Parker & D W Cruickshank, pages 643-666

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