Proceedings of the British Academy 67, 1981

Volume published 1982

Report of Council 1980-1981
pages 3-76

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Dover, pages 77-84

Language and National Consciousness [Thank-Offering]
Hugh Seton-Watson, pages 83-100

Shakespeare’s Mingled Yarn and ‘Measure for Measure’ [Shakespeare]
E A J Honigmann, pages 101-121

The Relationship between Monetary and Fiscal Policy [Keynes]
Alec Cairncross, pages 123-141

Italy, Mount Athos, and Muscovy: The Three Worlds of Maximos the Greek (c.1470–1556) [Raleigh]
Dimitri Obolensky, pages 143-161

‘New Men, Strange Faces, Other Minds’: An Archaeologist’s Perspective on Recent Discoveries Relating to the Origins and Spread of Modern Man [Wheeler]
J Desmond Clark, pages 163-192

Realistic Art in Alexandria [Reckitt]
Nikolaus Himmelmann, pages 193-207

Locke’s Logical Atomism [Dawes Hicks]
Michael Ayers, pages 209-225

The Great Little Madison: Father of the Constitution [Phillips]
Esmond Wright, pages 227-247

Three Poetical Prayer-Makers of the Island of Britain [Warton]
Gwyn Jones, pages 249-265

Diplomacy and War in Later Fifteenth-Century Italy [Italian]
Michael Mallett, pages 267-288

The Fabric of Dryden’s Verse [Chatterton]
Richard Luckett, pages 289-305

The Cult Centre of Mycenae
G E Mylonas, pages 307-320

The Theory of Descriptions [Philosophical]
T J Smiley, pages 321-337

Robert Auty, 1914–1978
Leonard Forster, pages 339-355

Eric Robertson Dodds, 1893–1979
Donald Russell, pages 357-370

Richard William Hunt, 1908–1979
R W Southern, pages 371-397

Geoffrey William Hugo Lampe, 1912–1980
C F D Moule, pages 399-409

Carlile Aylmer Macartney, 1895–1978
G H N Seton-Watson, pages 411-432

Terence Bruce Mitford, 1905–1978
Franz Georg Maier, pages 433-442

Roy Pascal, 1904–1980
A V Subiotto, pages 443-457

Ernst Julius Walter Simon, 1893–1981
C R Bawden, pages 459-477

Stefan Strelcyn, 1918–1981
Edward Ullendorff, pages 479-490

Kenneth Clinton Wheare, 1907–1979
Geoffrey Marshall, pages 491-507

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