Proceedings of the British Academy 66, 1980

Volume published 1982

Report of Council 1979-80
pages 1-78

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Dover, pages 79-84

Fauvism and the School of Chatou: Post-Impressionism in Crisis [Art]
John Golding, pages 85-102

‘Forms to his Conceit’: Shakespeare and the Uses of Stage Illusion [Shakespeare]
R A Foakes, pages 103-119

Inflation in the World Economy [Keynes]
A J Brown, pages 121-134

Antecedents of the Indus Civilisation [Wheeler]
F R Allchin, pages 135-160

Philip Sidney’s Toys [Chatterton]
Katherine Duncan-Jones, pages 161-178

Langland and the Ideology of Dissent [Gollancz]
Pamela Gradon, pages 179-205

On Value [Radcliffe-Brown]
Louis Dumont, pages 207-241

Robert Herrick [Warton]
Alastair Fowler, pages 243-264

F. W. Maitland [Master-Mind]
S F C Milsom, pages 265-281

Theories of Meaning [Dawes Hicks]
Charles Taylor, pages 283-327

Racial Aspects of the Far Eastern War of 1941–1945 [Raleigh]
Christopher Thorne, pages 329-377

Peter Alexander, 1893–1969
J C Bryce, pages 379-405

George Norman Clark, 1890–1979
Geoffrey Parker, pages 407-425

Reginald Ralph Darlington, 1903–1977
R Allen Brown, pages 427-437

Vincent Robin D’Arba Desborough, 1914–1978
J N Coldstream & C A Rodewald, pages 439-453

Charles Brian Montagu McBurney, 1914–1979
J Desmond Clark, pages 455-461

Sidney Smith, 1889–1979
D J Wiseman, pages 463-471

Basil Willey, 1897–1978
John Beer, pages 473-493

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