Proceedings of the British Academy 65, 1979

Volume published 1981

Report of Council 1978-1979
pages 3-59

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Dover, pages 61-67

Conflicting Appearances [Dawes Hicks]
M F Burnyeat, pages 69-111

A Performative Approach to Ritual [Radcliffe-Brown]
Stanley J Tambiah, pages 113-169

‘I Know When One is Dead, and When One Lives’ [Shakespeare]
T W Craik, pages 171-189

Bank Rate in Keynes’s Century [Keynes]
R S Sayers, pages 191-206

The Possibility of Prediction [Philosophical]
D H Mellor, pages 207-223

Avaris and Piramesse: Archaeological Exploration in the Eastern Nile Delta [Wheeler]
Manfred Bietak, pages 225-290

Poetry and the Computer: Some Quantitative Aspects of the Style of Sylvia Plath [Chatterton]
C S Butler, pages 291-312

The Professions and Social Change in England, 1680–1730 [Raleigh]
Geoffrey Holmes, pages 313-354

The Finds from the Royal Tombs at Vergina [Reckitt]
Manolis Andronikos, pages 355-367

‘Where are they?’: The After-life of a Figure of Speech [Warton]
J S Cunningham, pages 369-394

Africa in American History and Literature [Phillips]
George Shepperson, pages 395-416

The Conscience of the Prince [Italian]
D M Bueno de Mesquita, pages 417-441

Regnum and Sacerdotium: Notes on Irish Tradition [Rhys]
Proinsias Mac Cana, pages 443-479

Modern Productions of Ancient Dramas
Constantine A Trypanis, pages 481-496

The Labyrinth of Continental Celtic [Rhys, 1977]
D Ellis Evans, pages 497-538

Prudence, Morality and the Prisoner’s Dilemma [Philosophical, 1978]
Derek Parfit, pages 539-564

Donald James Allan, 1907–1978
D A Russell, pages 565-571

John Percy Vyvian Dacre Balsdon, 1901–1977
P A Brunt, pages 573-586

Geoffrey Hext Sutherland Bushnell, 1903–1978
Grahame Clark, pages 587-593

Herbert Butterfield, 1900–1979
Maurice Cowling, pages 595-609

Geoffrey Chevalier Cheshire, 1886–1978
F H Lawson, pages 611-632

Ralph Davis, 1915–1978
D C Coleman, pages 633-639

Alfred Brotherston Emden, 1888–1979
Ralph B Pugh, pages 641-652

Henry Roy Forbes Harrod, 1900–1978
Henry Phelps Brown, pages 653-696

Walter Bruno Henning, 1908–1967
Ilya Gershevitch, pages 697-718

Otto Kurz, 1908–1975
E H Gombrich, pages 719-735

Alexander Hugh McDonald, 1908–1979
N G L Hammond, pages 737-742

Charles Talbut Onions, 1873–1965
J A W Bennett, pages 743-758

Denys Lionel Page, 1908–1978
Hugh Lloyd-Jones, pages 759-769

Rudolf Carl Franz Otto Pfeiffer, 1889–1979
Hugh Lloyd-Jones, pages 771-781

John Eric Sidney Thompson, 1898–1975
Gordon R Willey, pages 783-798

Johannes Wilde, 1891–1970
Michael Hirst, pages 835-843

Richard Olaf Winstedt, 1878–1966
John Bastin, pages 845-852

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