Proceedings of the British Academy 62, 1976

Volume published 1977

The British Academy Annual Report 1975-6
pages 3-83

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Isaiah Berlin, pages 85-94

Jean-Jacques Rousseau [Master-Mind]
Jean Starobinski, pages 95-107

‘Upon Such Sacrifices’ [Shakespeare]
Philip Brockbank, pages 109-134

The Significance of English Place-Names [Gollancz]
Kenneth Cameron, pages 135-155

Social Anthropology: A Natural Science of Society? [Radcliffe-Brown]
Edmund Leach, pages 157-180

The Dancing Siva in Early South Indian Art [Wheeler]
Douglas Barrett, pages 181-203

Age and Authority in Early Modern England [Raleigh]
Keith Thomas, pages 205-248

The Naturalism of Book I of Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature [Dawes Hicks]
David Pears, pages 249-268

Carving Trifles: William King’s Imitation of Horace [Chatterton]
John Fuller, pages 269-291

Jeremy Bentham and the Greek Independence
Pan J Zepos, pages 293-307

Time and Choice [Keynes]
G L S Shackle, pages 309-329

Truth, Invention, and the Meaning of Life [Philosophical]
David Wiggins, pages 331-378

Waste Land, Holy Land [Warton]
Kathleen Raine, pages 379-397

Sir Denis William Brogan, 1900–1974
H G Nicholas, pages 399-410

Edward Joseph Dent, 1876–1957
Philip Radcliffe, pages 411-418

John Petrov Plamenatz, 1912–1975
Geoffrey Marshall, pages 419-426

George Derek Gordon Hall, 1924–1975
K C Wheare, pages 427-433

Derek Fortrose Allen, 1910–1975
Eric G Turner, pages 435-457

Cyril Daryll Forde, 1902–1973
Meyer Fortes, pages 459-483

Kenneth Bruce McFarlane, 1903–1966
K J Leyser, pages 485-506

Arnold Duncan McNair, 1885–1975
Emlyn C S Wade, pages 507-512

William Miller, 1864–1945
Steven Runciman, pages 513-518

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