Proceedings of the British Academy 61, 1975

Volume published 1976

The British Academy Annual Report 1974-5
pages 3-70

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Isaiah Berlin, pages 71-81

Probability — The One and the Many [Philosophical]
L Jonathan Cohen, pages 83-108

The ‘Non-Contractual’ Liability of the European Economic Community [Maccabaean]
Lord Mackenzie Stuart, pages 109-130

The End of British Administration in the North American Colonies [Phillips]
K G Davies, pages 131-152

A Portrait of the Artist as Proteus [Shakespeare]
Michel Grivelet, pages 153-170

Early Man in the Soviet Union: The Implications of Some Recent Discoveries [Reckitt]
C B M McBurney, pages 171-221

The End of the Anglo-Norman Realm [Raleigh]
J C Holt, pages 223-265

Marvell: A Great Master of Words [Warton]
Elsie Duncan-Jones, pages 267-290

The Political Economy of Inflation [Keynes]
Thomas Wilson, pages 291-313

The Poetry of the Early Waverley Novels [Chatterton]
Claire Lamont, pages 315-336

Condotte and Condottieri in the Thirteenth Century [Italian]
Daniel P Waley, pages 337-371

The Good Self and the Bad Self: The Moral Psychology of British Idealism and the English School of Psychoanalysis Compared [Dawes Hicks]
Richard Wollheim, pages 373-398

Richard Morris Titmuss, 1907–1973
Margaret Gowing, pages 401-428

C. H. S. Fifoot, 1899–1975
Geoffrey Cheshire, pages 429-437

David Knowles, 1896–1974
C N L Brooke, pages 439-477

Max Gluckman, 1911–1975
Raymond Firth, pages 479-496

Henry Gerald Richardson, 1884–1974
G O Sayles, pages 497-521

Francis Wormald, 1904–1972
Julian Brown, pages 523-560

Martin Davies, 1908–1975
Ellis Waterhouse, pages 561-565

Egon Wellesz, 1885–1974
Walter Oakeshott, pages 567-587

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