Proceedings of the British Academy 60, 1974

Volume published 1975

The British Academy Annual Report 1973-4
pages 3-128

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Denys Page, pages 129-133

Burns and the Peasantry, 1785 [Warton]
James Kinsley, pages 135-153

Jacques-Louis David: A Personal Interpretation [Art]
Anita Brookner, pages 155-171

Walter Bagehot [Master-Mind]
K C Wheare, pages 173-197

Measure for Measure: The Play and the Themes [Shakespeare]
J C Maxwell, pages 199-218

Towards a Chaucerian Poetic [Gollancz]
Derek Brewer, pages 219-252

Times, Beginnings and Causes [Philosophical]
G E M Anscombe, pages 253-270

Modern French History in Britain [Raleigh]
R C Cobb, pages 271-293

African Traditional Law in Historical Perspective [Radcliffe-Brown]
Max Gluckman, pages 295-337

Aristotle on Eudaimonia [Dawes Hicks]
J L Ackrill, pages 339-359

On Re-reading Keynes [Keynes]
Lord Kahn, pages 361-391

Schliemann’s Troy — One Hundred Years After [Wheeler]
M I Finley, pages 393-412

The Fire i’ the Flint: Reflections on the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins [Chatterton]
Seamus Heaney, pages 413-429

Herbert Niel Randle, 1880–1973
T Burrow, pages 431-446

William Abel Pantin, 1902–1973
M D Knowles, pages 447-458

Keppel Archibald Cameron Creswell, 1879–1974
R W Hamilton, pages 459-476

Stanley Alexander de Smith, 1922–1974
H W R Wade, pages 477-484

Marcus Niebuhr Tod, 1878–1974
Russell Meiggs, pages 485-495

Charles Harold Dodd, 1884–1973
George B Caird, pages 497-510

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