Proceedings of the British Academy 57, 1971

Volume published 1973

The British Academy Annual Report 1970-1
pages 3-57

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Wheare, pages 59-63

Browning’s Lyricism [Warton]
Rachel Trickett, pages 65-83

The Court Poet in Medieval Ireland [Rhys]
J E Caerwyn Williams, pages 85-135

Quarrying in Antiquity: Technology, Tradition and Social Change [Wheeler]
J B Ward-Perkins, pages 137-158

Problems and Roles of the American Artist as Portrayed by the American Novelist [Phillips]
Tony Tanner, pages 159-179

Shakespeare’s Lofty Scene [Shakespeare]
J I M Stewart, pages 181-195

John Maynard Keynes: Economist, Author, Statesman [Keynes]
Austin Robinson, pages 197-214

Orthodoxy and Innovation in the Law of Nations [Maccabaean]
C Wilfred Jenks, pages 215-235

Sincerity and Insincerity in Charles James Fox [Raleigh]
Herbert Butterfield, pages 237-261

Intention and Uncertainty [Philosophical]
H P Grice, pages 263-279

Censorship and the Limits of Permission [Thank-Offering]
Jonathan Miller, pages 281-302

Absolute Idealism [Dawes Hicks]
A M Quinton, pages 303-329

The Performance of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus [Chatterton]
Nigel Alexander, pages 331-349

Life and Art in Prehistoric Thera [Reckitt]
Sp Marinatos, pages 350-367

The Vatican Stanze: Functions and Decoration [Italian]
John Shearman, pages 369-424

Arnold Hugh Martin Jones, 1904–1970
John Crook, pages 425-438

Christopher Dawson, 1889–1970
M D Knowles, pages 439-452

Geoffrey Fairbank Webb, 1898–1970
M D Whinney, pages 453-461

David Winton Thomas, 1901–1970
G R Driver, pages 463-476

William Lindsay Renwick, 1889–1970
Winifred Maynard, pages 477-485

Arthur Ewart Popham, 1889–1970
James Byam Shaw, pages 487-496

Sir Llewellyn Woodward, 1890–1971
Rohan Butler, pages 497-511

Leonard James Russell, 1884–1971
William Kneale, pages 513-524

Sir David Ross, 1877–1971
G N Clark, pages 525-543

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