Proceedings of the British Academy 56, 1970

Volume published 1972

The British Academy Annual Report 1969-1970
pages 3-50

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Wheare, pages 51-56

The Nature of Alliterative Poetry in Late Medieval England [Gollancz]
Geoffrey Shepherd, pages 57-76

The Poetry of Lord Byron [Warton]
John Buxton, pages 77-92

Person and Office in Shakespeare’s Plays [Shakespeare]
Philip Edwards, pages 93-109

The Master of the Breviary of Jean sans Peur and the Limbourgs [Art]
Millard Meiss, pages 111-129

Morality and Art [Philosophical]
Philippa Foot, pages 131-144

The Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes [Raleigh]
J N L Myres, pages 145-174

Eratosthenes of Cyrene [Master-Mind]
P M Fraser, pages 175-207

The Role and Character of the Civil Service [Thank-Offering]
William Armstrong, pages 209-225

Activity and Description in Aristotle and the Stoa [Dawes Hicks]
A C Lloyd, pages 227-240

Wilfred Owen [Chatterton]
Jon Stallworthy, pages 241-262

Thomas Southcliffe Ashton, 1889–1968
R S Sayers, pages 263-281

Vincent Taylor, 1887–1968
C K Barrett, pages 283-292

Herbert James Paton, 1887–1969
W H Walsh, pages 293-308

Harold Henry Rowley, 1890–1969
G W Anderson, pages 309-319

Arthur Norman Prior, 1914–1969
Anthony Kenny, pages 321-349

Geoffrey Tillotson, 1905–1969
Mary Lascelles, pages 351-362

Cyril John Gadd, 1893–1969
Max Mallowan, pages 363-402

Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, 1906–1969
Mary Lascelles, pages 403-414

Eduard Fraenkel, 1888–1970
Gordon Williams, pages 415-442

Sir John Beazley, 1885–1970
Bernard Ashmole, pages 443-461

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