Proceedings of the British Academy 55, 1969

Volume published 1971

The British Academy Annual Report 1968-1969
pages 3-44

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Wheare, pages 45-49

The Poetic Powers of Repetition [Warton]
Kathleen Lea, pages 51-76

Japan and the West in the Mid Nineteenth Century: Nationalism and the Origins of the Modern State [Raleigh]
W G Beasley, pages 77-97

Unexplored Relationships Between Early Seventeenth-Century Venetian Opera and Contemporary Music in France and England [Italian]
Raymond Leppard, pages 99-112

What’s Really Wrong with Phenomenalism? [Philosophical]
J L Mackie, pages 113-127

Shakespeare Without Words [Shakespeare]
Alfred Harbage, pages 129-144

Violence in American Society [Phillips]
H G Nicholas, pages 145-161

The Academic Profession [Thank-Offering]
Eric Ashby, pages 163-176

The Study of Manx Gaelic [Rhys]
R L Thomson, pages 177-210

William Wordsworth 1770–1969 [Chatterton]
Jonathan Wordsworth, pages 211-228

Mental Health in Plato’s Republic [Dawes Hicks]
A J P Kenny, pages 229-253

Elamite Problems [Reckitt]
Max Mallowan, pages 255-292

Helen Maude Cam, 1885–1968
C R Cheney, pages 293-310

George Peabody Gooch, 1873–1968
Herbert Butterfield, pages 311-338

Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod, 1892–1968
Gertrude Caton-Thompson, pages 339-361

Frank Leslie Cross, 1900–1968
Thomas M Parker, pages 363-375

Alfred Ewert, 1891–1969
S Ullmann, pages 377-389

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