Proceedings of the British Academy 54, 1968

Volume published 1970

The British Academy Annual Report 1967-1968
pages 3-44

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Kenneth Wheare, pages 45-49

The Development of the British Literary Portrait up to Samuel Johnson [Art]
David Piper, pages 51-72

Medieval Poetry and the Figural View of Reality [Gollancz]
Elizabeth Salter, pages 73-92

Alexander Scott and Scottish Court Poetry of the Middle Sixteenth Century [Warton]
John Macqueen, pages 93-116

The Objects of the Five Senses [Philosophical]
J O Urmson, pages 117-131

Erosions of Personal Freedom in a Modern Society [Thank-Offering]
Lord Goodman, pages 133-148

Jonathan Swift [Master-Mind]
Irvin Ehrenpreis, pages 149-164

Reform by Statute: Thomas Starkey’s Dialogue and Thomas Cromwell’s Policy [Raleigh]
G R Elton, pages 165-188

The Law and the Reasonable Man [Maccabaean]
Lord Reid, pages 189-205

Kierkegaard’s Two Ways [Dawes Hicks]
Patrick Gardiner, pages 207-229

Pope and Dulness [Chatterton]
Emrys Jones, pages 231-263

Shakespeare’s Histories and ‘The Emotion of Multitude’ [Shakespeare]
A R Humphreys, pages 265-287

Herbert John Davis, 1893–1967
Helen Gardner, pages 289-299

Florence Elizabeth Harmer, 1890–1967
Dorothy Whitelock, pages 301-314

Frank Merry Stenton, 1880–1967
Doris M Stenton, pages 315-423

Frank Ezra Adcock, 1886–1968
N G L Hammond, pages 425-434

Austin Marsden Farrer, 1904–1968
E L Mascall, pages 435-442

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