Proceedings of the British Academy 52, 1966

Volume published 1967

British Academy Annual Report 1965-6
pages 3-39

Comments by the President, Annual General Meeting [Presidential]
Lord Robbins, pages 41-44

Of Academic Freedom [Thank-Offering]
Lord Robbins, pages 45-60

‘The Common Privileges of Poetry’ [Warton]
Winifred Nowottny, pages 61-86

1066 and Architectural Sculpture [Art]
George Zarnecki, pages 87-104

Imagination and the Self [Philosophical]
Bernard Williams, pages 105-124

Dr. Bernard Mandeville [Master-Mind]
F A Hayek, pages 125-141

John Wyclif: The Path to Dissent [Raleigh]
Gordon Leff, pages 143-180

The Date and Composition of Ancrene Wisse [Gollancz]
E J Dobson, pages 181-208

Tennyson’s Methods of Composition [Chatterton]
Christopher Ricks, pages 209-230

Past and Future in Shakespeare’s Drama [Shakespeare]
Wolfgang Clemen, pages 231-252

The Primacy of Practical Reason [Dawes Hicks]
G J Warnock, pages 253-266

The Epic of ‘Alpamysh’ and the Return of Odysseus
Victor Zhirmunsky, pages 267-286

John Walker, 1900–1964
E S G Robinson, pages 287-291

Sir Ian Archibald Richmond, 1902–1965
Eric Birley, pages 293-302

John Everett Butt, 1906–1965
James Sutherland, pages 303-310

Cecil Thomas Carr, 1878–1966
H A Hollond, pages 311-321

John Orr, 1885–1966
A Ewert, pages 323-331

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