1999 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 2000

On the ‘Origins’ of Science [British Academy]
G E R Lloyd, pages 1-16

From Laurel to Fig: Petrarch and the Structures of the Self [Italian]
Nicholas Mann, pages 17-42

Artist and Subject in Ming Dynasty China [Art]
Craig Clunas, pages 43-72

Macbeth and the Third Person [Shakespeare]
Adrian Poole, pages 73-92

Scottish Gaelic Traditional Songs from the 16th to the 18th Century [Rhys]
Derick S Thomson, pages 93-114

Two Political Poems: Marvell’s ‘Horatian Ode’ and Yeats’s ‘No Second Troy’ [Warton]
A D Nuttall, pages 115-129

Thomas Carlyle and Oliver Cromwell [Raleigh]
Blair Worden, pages 131-170

‘Trafficking with Merchants for His Soul’: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Among the Aesthetes [Chatterton]
Josephine M Guy, pages 171-186

Nationalism and the History of Ideas [Kedourie]
John Breuilly, pages 187-223

Keynes, Keynesianism, and the International Economy [with discussion by J R Killick and James Tomlinson] [Keynes]
Alan S Milward, pages 225-251

The Pendulum and the Pit: Splendours and Miseries of the New Presidency [Phillips]
Godfrey Hodgson, pages 253-271

Charles Fraser Beckingham, 1914–1998
Edward Ullendorff, pages 275-286

Robert Browning, 1914–1997
Averil Cameron, pages 289-306

Hugo Herbert Buchthal, 1909–1996
John Lowden, pages 309-336

Alexander Kirkland Cairncross, 1911–1998
Thomas Wilson & Bryan Hopkin, pages 339-361

Ian Ralph Christie, 1919–1998
J H Burns, pages 365-385

Charles Reginald Dodwell, 1922–1994
George Zarnecki, pages 389-394

John Christopher Roderick Dow, 1916–1998
Andrew Britton, pages 397-413

Charles James Frank Dowsett, 1924–1998
Robert W Thomson, pages 417-435

Basil Gray, 1904–1989
Ralph Pinder-Wilson, pages 439-457

Cecil Grayson, 1920–1998
J R Woodhouse, pages 461-470

James Edward Meade, 1907–1995
A B Atkinson & Martin Weale, pages 473-500

Herbert George Nicholas, 1911–1998
Penry Williams, pages 503-510

Sidney Pollard, 1925–1998
Colin Holmes, pages 513-534

Alfred Leslie Rowse, 1903–1997
John McManners, pages 537-552

Charles Henry Wilson, 1914–1991
Peter Mathias, pages 555-574

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