Greek Personal Names: Their Value as Evidence

Volume published 2000

Elaine Matthews & Simon Hornblower, pages 1-14

Greek Personal Names and Linguistic Continuity
Anna Morpurgo Davies, pages 15-39

Hippolytos and Lysippos: Remarks on some Compounds in ‘Ippo-, -ippoV
Laurent Dubois, pages 41-52

Theophoric Names and the History of Greek Religion
Robert Parker, pages 53-79

Oropodoros: Anthroponomy, Geography, History
Denis Knoepfler, pages 81-98

‘L’histoire par les noms’ in Macedonia
Miltiades Hatzopoulos, pages 99-117

Foreign Names in Athenian Nomenclature
Christian Habicht, pages 119-127

Personal Names and the Study of the Ancient Greek Historians
Simon Hornblower, pages 129-143

Mirabilia and Personal Names
Michael H Crawford, pages 145-148

Ethnics as Personal Names
P M Fraser, pages 149-157

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