1998 Lectures and Memoirs

Volume published 1999

Time as a Clue to Cause? [Reckitt]
Lewis R Binford, pages 1-35

From Babel to Dragomans [Kedourie]
Bernard Lewis, pages 37-54

Reflections on Paganism and Christianity in Medieval Europe [Raleigh]
Robert Bartlett, pages 55-76

Chaucer and Englishness [Gollancz]
Derek Pearsall, pages 77-99

Music and the Early Veneto Humanists [Italian]
Margaret Bent, pages 101-130

Servant Obedience and Master Sins: Shakespeare and the Bonds of Service [Shakespeare]
Michael Neill, pages 131-171

‘Courtesie is fatal’: The Civil and Visionary Poetics of Andrew Marvell [Chatterton]
Nigel Smith, pages 173-189

Max Weber [Master-Mind]
Geoffrey Hawthorne, pages 191-207

Isaac Rosenberg, 1890–1918 [Warton]
Geoffrey Hill, pages 209-228

Central Bankers and Uncertainty [with discussion by Charles Bean and Charles Freedman] [Keynes]
C A E Goodhart, pages 229-271

Is There Always an Underclass? [British Academy]
W G Runciman, pages 273-287

The English Constitution, the British State, and the Scottish Anomaly [Special, 1997]
Neil MacCormick, pages 289-306

Harold Walter Bailey, 1899–1996
Ronald Eric Emmerick, pages 309-349

Thomas Sherrer Ross Boase, 1898–1974
Jonathan J G Alexander, pages 353-362

Leonard Wilson Forster, 1913–1997
Peter Skrine, pages 365-375

Lawrence Cecil Bartlett Gower, 1913–1997
S M Cretney, pages 379-404

Kenneth Harold Dobson Haley, 1920–1997
Mark Greengrass, pages 407-415

John Norman Davidson Kelly, 1909–1997
H E J Cowdrey, pages 419-437

John Phillips Kenyon, 1927–1996
John Morrill, pages 441-461

William James Millar Mackenzie, 1909–1996
Richard Rose, pages 465-485

Albert Lionel Frederick Rivet, 1915–1993
J J Wilkes, pages 489-509

Hedley Frederick Davis Sparks, 1908–1996
Sebastian P Brock, pages 513-536

Peter John de la Fosse Wiles, 1919–1997
Michael Kaser, pages 539-553

Thomas Stuart Willan, 1910–1994
C B Phillips, pages 557-563

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