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Where We Live Now: Making the Case for Place-based Policy

Chair: Dame Fiona Reynolds and Deborah Lamb

Place-based policymaking offers some exciting new possibilities to reconnect public policy with our lived experience and the places and relationships we are about; and as a result, to deliver more meaningful and effective solutions.

This paper sets out the key findings of the Where We Live Now project, notably from a set of roundtable workshops in Manchester, Cornwall, Cardiff and London. These ‘Productivity+’ roundtables provided an opportunity to consider the qualitative analysis of, and creative solutions to, place-based growth, moving beyond solely economic concepts to encompass well-being, culture and the environment.

Places matter to people. They shape the way we live our lives, feel about ourselves and the relationships we have with others. Moreover places – not least because of their history, character and physical form – contribute significantly to personal and societal wellbeing.

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Where We Live Now

Where We Live Now is a series of activities centred on the theme of place and place-based policymaking conducted by the British Academy.

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