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Theology and Religious Studies provision in UK Higher Education

Published by the British Academy

The British Academy is considering how it might best support its constituent subjects by acting as an observatory of trends within them, and this study forms part of its evolving work in this area. The Academy welcomes comments and feedback on the value of studies like this as an attempt to better understand the development of the humanities and social sciences in the UK.

Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) disciplines are studied by over 10,000 students at both public and private higher education providers in the UK. The study of religion in UK higher education attracts students from around the world and continues to provide professional training and qualifications for authorised religious personnel and other religious vocations.

However, as this report reveals, the overall trend in enrolment onto TRS courses in UK higher education is downward, in contrast to other humanities subjects like philosophy and history.

There were around 6,500 fewer students on Theology and Religious Studies courses in higher education institutions in 2017/18 than there were in 2011/12.