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Russian Music since 1917: Reappraisal and Rediscovery

Publications • Music • Patrick Zuk and Marina Frolova-Walker

Proceedings of the British Academy, volume 209

Available from Oxford University Press

This ground-breaking collection of essays, which arises from a unique collaboration between leading scholars based on either side of the former Iron Curtain, is the first attempt to appraise the current state of research on the development of Russian art music since the 1917 Revolution. Part I provides a comprehensive critical overview of recent research both in Russia itself and outside it, outlining the principal changes in approach and emphasis. The remaining essays engage with topics of key importance, including: the envisionings of music's place in Soviet and post-Soviet cultural life; the effects of state controls on musical creativity and performance; musical institutions; the Russian musical diaspora; and the transition to the post-Soviet period.




Number of pages: 448

Publication date: 28 Sep 2017

Price: £85.00

ISBN number: 978-0-19-726615-1

Author: Patrick Zuk and Marina Frolova-Walker