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A Maid with a Dragon: The Cult of St Margaret of Antioch in Medieval England

Publications • Medieval studiesReligion • Juliana Dresvina

A British Academy Monograph

This is the first comprehensive interdisciplinary study of the cult of St Margaret of Antioch in medieval England. Margaret was one of the most famous female saints of both the Catholic world and of Eastern Christianity (where she was known as St Marina). Her legend is remembered for her confrontation with a dragon-shaped devil, who allegedly swallowed Margaret and then burst asunder.

Available from Oxford University Press (link to OUP catalogue page)


Number of pages: 342 plus 24 colour plates

Publication date: 23 Jun 2016

Price: £80.00

ISBN number: 978-0-19-726596-3

Author: Juliana Dresvina

Publisher: Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press