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The impact of artificial intelligence on work: an evidence review 

Edited by Frontier Economics

This evidence review, prepared by Frontier Economics for the British Academy and the Royal Society, draws on evidence, from a wide range of academic disciplines to inform discussions on the impact of AI on work.

This review draws on insights from earlier periods of technological change and more recent evidence on the impact of digital technology. The review examines what claims have been made about the potential impact of AI for the future of work; why and how such claims have been made and what assumptions any conclusions rest on.

It was prepared by Frontier Economics and fed directly into the related evidence synthesis.

Publication part of

AI and work

A joint Royal Society and British Academy project looking at the implications of AI for individuals, communities, and societies.

Data and AI

How are big data, data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) changing the way that people live? How can we harness this change for good?