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Immigration: Peoples, cultures and policies on the move

Publications • Daniel Fairbrother, Nicholas Stern

For the second series of British Academy Debates (the first explored the challenges – and opportunities – of an ageing population), the Academy focused on one of the UK’s currently most topical and emotive issues: immigration. Our purpose was to shed light without the heat; to explore what the facts tell us, and provide a cool and dispassionate expert analysis of them from leading figures in the humanities and social science research. This commentary on the Debates, by Daniel Fairbrother, attempts to provide an accompaniment to them by presenting in a broad context some of the key positions and research on which the speakers drew for their presentations. It is not intended to suggest that the British Academy itself takes a particular position on these matters but rather to lay out the underlying materials of a continuing debate.


Number of pages: 20

Author: Daniel Fairbrother, Nicholas Stern