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The Belfast / Good Friday Agreement, the Island of Ireland Economy and Brexit

Published by The British Academy

A briefing signalling the risks of the UK’s planned departure from the EU which could remove the economic elements underpinning the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement, depending on the UK’s final settlement.

'The Belfast / Good Friday Agreement, the Island of Ireland Economy and Brexit' is written by Michael d’Arcy, Programme Lead for the Ibec/CBI Joint Business Council and Professor Frances Ruane MRIA, Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin. 

Publication part of

Brexit Briefings

The British Academy’s Brexit Briefings explore the challenges and the key issues related to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU within the context of research and innovation and UK-Ireland relations. These briefings intend to raise awareness of the topics and questions that need consideration and/or responses as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU.

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