Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani

28 Apr 2016

The sculpture is classified into various categories, e.g. Graeco-Roman and Romano-Celtic deities, funerary monuments, building records, and miscellaneous human figures and animals.

British Academy fascicules are published by Oxford University Press.
Some older fascicules are available from Oxbow Books.

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10. Roman Sculpture from London and the South-East, by Penny Coombe, Francis Grew, Kevin Hayward & Martin Henig
184 pages + 84 plates
978-0-19-726571-0  hbk    March 2015    available from OUP    £120.00
[British Academy Review article by Penny Coombe]
[British Academy Blog video by Martin Henig]
[British Academy Blog piece by Penny Coombe]

9. Roman Sculpture from the North West Midlands, by Martin Henig
92 pages + 52 plates
978-0-19-726290-0  hbk    2004    available from OUP    £70.00

8. Roman Sculpture from Eastern England, by Janet Huskinson
0-19-726140-X  hbk    1994    available from Oxbow

7. Roman Sculpture from the Cotswold Region, with Devon and Cornwall, by Martin Henig
0-19-726135-3  hbk    1993    out of print

6. Hadrian’s Wall West of the North Tyne, and Carlisle, by J C Coulston & E J Phillips
0-19-726058-6  hbk    1988    out of print

5. Wales, by Richard J Brewer
0-19-726045-4  hbk    1986    out of print

4. Scotland, by L J F Keppie & Beverly J Arnold
0-19-726026-8  hbk     1984    available from Oxbow

3. Yorkshire, by Sergio Rinaldi Tufi
0-19-726019-5  hbk    1983    available from Oxbow

2. Bath and the Rest of Wessex, by B W Cunliffe & M G Fulford
0-19-726004-7  hbk    1982     available from Oxbow

1. Corbridge, Hadrian’s Wall East of the North Tyne, by E J Phillips
0-19-725954-5  hbk    1977    out of print

The British Academy is publishing fascicules of Volume I only. It is not responsible for publishing Volume II (published by British Museum Press) or Volume III.

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