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British Academy Review, Issue 22, Summer 2013

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Includes: A century of art history scholarship.
The future of the Union
History in the Third Reich
Environmental NGOs in court
Keynes and the British Academy
The roots of Christian fundamentalism

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

The British Academy 2009-2013: reflections
Adam Roberts

Ever looser Union: The future of the UK
Richard Wyn Jones

The immediacy of a remote past: The afterlife of Widukind in the Third Reich
Peter Lambert

The Grenada intervention: 30 years later
Gary Williams

‘Ending the party’: A practitioner’s perspective of fiscal squeeze
Rachel Lomax in conversation

Future Earth: A science agenda for sustainability and human prosperity
Tim O’Riordan and Corinne Le Quéré

Mobilising the law: Environmental NGOs in court
Lisa Vanhala

Income from work: The food-population-resource crisis in ‘the short Africa’
Michael Lipton

‘All the world’s knowledge’
Jane C Ginsburg

Constituting the Arab uprisings
Mattia Toaldo

The roots of Christian fundamentalism in American Protestantism
James D G Dunn

Nayef Al-Rodhan Prize for Transcultural Understanding

The stained glass of Merton College, Oxford
Tim Ayers

‘Aspects of Art’: The lecture series
Dawn Adès

From the archive: Keynes and the British Academy
Donald Winch

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Number of pages: 82

Publication date: 2013