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British Academy Review, Issue 18, Summer 2011

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Includes ‘Thoughtfulness and the law’.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Thoughtfulness and the Rule of Law
Jeremy Waldron

Language diversity, endangerment, and public awareness
David Crystal

Tackling tipping points
Tim O’Riordan and Tim Lenton

How do different kinds of societies cause and mitigate environmental change? The case of the lost woodlands of ancient Nasca
David Beresford-Jones

Motivation and global justice: Philosophy and practice
Kerri Woods

Prizing the past for the present and the future
David Lowenthal in conversation with Simon Jenkins

Marina Warner in conversation with Hermione Lee

New light on ancient medicine
Vivian Nutton

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Number of pages: 52

Publication date: 2011

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