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Habitat and Living in Plural Cities

A project seeking to explore the potential of nature, design materials and infrastructures in improving urban sustainability and social cohesion.

Is our understanding of urban infrastructure changing? Do we need to move beyond discussions about 'smart cities' and digital innovation? What pathways exist for the city of the future? Watch our video to find out more:

What connections, structures and relationships enable liveable cities? What are the multifarious connections between urban habitats, the built environment and different aspects of the ‘living city’ as a structural and ecological assemblage? This project investigates the idea of ‘habitats’ as encompassing infrastructures, services and expanded conceptions of the urban environment, extending to both visible and hidden domains of urban metabolism. It seeks to reflect on the material environments of cities and also different forms of social, cultural and ecological complexity. 

Project outcomes:

Habitat and Living in Plural Cities: a Critical Reflection (2017)

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Urban Futures

Our activities under this theme aim to explore urban pluralism as a key characteristic of urban future: as a form of effective governance, as a basis for increased resilience, and as a precondition for improved experiences of the urban habitat.


We foster international collaboration in the humanities and social sciences, and promote the sharing of international perspectives on global challenges.

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