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Soft Power

This project explores the nature and relevance of soft power in the UK context.

The concept of soft power – the ability to influence the behaviour of others and obtain desired outcomes through attraction and co-option – was coined by British Academy Fellow Joseph Nye. Over the past decade, it has been the subject of considerable debate, as governments at home and overseas have sought to exploit their soft power assets in the face of power shifts in order to further their foreign policy objectives.

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Conflict, Stability & Security

Our activities under the theme of Conflict, Stability & Security aim to illustrate the importance of in-depth and broad understanding of the historical, political, linguistic, cultural and socio-economic context, as well as the importance of perspectives from the philosophical to the demographic, when examining and responding to conflict and insecurity overseas.


We foster international collaboration in the humanities and social sciences, and promote the sharing of international perspectives on global challenges.

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