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Prosopography of the Byzantine World

Chairman: Mrs C M Roueché 
Senior Research Fellow: Professor M Jeffreys 

The goal of the Prosopography of the Byzantine World project is to record in a database all surviving information about every individual mentioned in Byzantine sources during the period from 641 to 1261, and every individual mentioned in non-Byzantine sources during the same period who is 'relevant' (on a generous interpretation) to Byzantine affairs. The time period covered runs from the termination of theProsopography of the Later Roman Empire (PLRE), a time when the Byzantines were struggling to cope with the Arab conquests in the Levant and the spread of Islam, to 1261, the commencement date of the Prosopographisches Lexikon der Palaiologenzeit, and the restoration of the Empire after the loss of Constantinople to the Crusaders and the period of exile in Nicaea.