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Poets of the Nobility — Medieval Welsh Poetry/Beirdd yr Uchelwyr

Chairman: Professor G H Jenkins, FBA 
Project Director: Dr Ann Parry Owen 

The Poets of the Nobility project is regularly publishing attractive and scholarly volumes on some of the finest poetry composed in the period between the Edwardian Conquest of 1282/3 and the death of Tudur Aled in 1526. The work of each poet is preceded by an introduction discussing whatever information is known about the poet himself, placing each in his historical and literary context. The edited text of the poems is then given in Modern Welsh orthography; in some volumes (especially those which contain 14th-century poetry) a rewording in Modern Welsh is also given. Following the work of each poet are notes discussing whatever is known about the poems' background, drawing attention to any metrical or literary peculiarities. The notes discuss every significant proper noun, together with any words or constructions which require explanation. Following each poet's work is an index or vocabulary.