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The Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog

Project Director: Professor Sandra Fredman, Professor of Law, University of Oxford

The Oxford Human Rights Hub ( provides a free online forum, bringing together academics and practitioners from across the globe to advance the understanding of human rights law. We aim to create a dynamic space in which academics, policy makers and practitioners can share cutting edge analyses of developments in human rights law across the world and thereby to advance the understanding and practice of human rights law. The primary vehicle for this exchange is the OxHRH Blog, featuring short, incisive analyses of new developments in human rights law, each written by a specialist.

The Blog features contributions written by more than 150 experts from 25 different countries. Each contribution is selected and reviewed to ensure the highest scholarly standards. Our rapid expert assessments on new developments on the same issue in different jurisdictions provide a unique opportunity for collaborative comparative research. We aim to capitalise on this resource to form the basis of major peer-reviewed publications, using information technology to draw together senior and junior researchers from a range of jurisdictions.

Our next stage is to convene multilateral online fora and webinars to bring together contributors on similar themes to facilitate horizontal collaboration based on the unique comparative perspectives provided by our cutting edge expert posts on similar themes from a variety of jurisdictions, with the aim of peer-reviewed publication. Given that there is currently no law journal focussed exclusively on comparative human rights, our long-term publication plans include producing our own peer-reviewed e-journal, with a top-quality reputation, on themed topics based on our posts, freely available online.