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Pulling a Thread: Unravelling the Trail of Modern Slavery in the Fashion and Textile Industry

This project aims to identify the barriers to addressing modern slavery in the global clothing value chain.

The ILO estimates that more than 21 million people are in forced labour globally. This project will seek to identify the barriers to addressing modern slavery in the global clothing value chain, understand the motives of suppliers for having forced labour, and suggest solutions for global firms and policy makers. The research team will work with UK clothing businesses that source from India and Vietnam. Both countries are vulnerable to modern slavery in the agricultural, garment and textile industries, and are important source countries for UK firms. But these countries are also home to small, fragmented and non-integrated businesses making the identification, monitoring and addressing of modern slavery challenging. The project aims to help UK firms to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 which requires them to declare annually that modern slavery does not exist in their business and value chain.

Principal Investigator: Dr Hinrich Voss, University of Leeds

Co-Investigators: Dr Mark Sumner, University of Leeds; Dr Matthew Davis, University of Leeds; Dr Louise Waite, University of Leeds

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