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Location Register/WATCH Project

Chairman: Julia H Munro, (University Librarian, University of Reading) 
Project Director: Dr David Sutton 
Websites: and

The Location Register project was born at a conference held at the British Academy in March 1979. In response to Philip Larkin's famous paper, 'A neglected responsibility: contemporary literary manuscripts' representatives of the Strachey Trust proposed a project to locate and list all manuscripts of all literary authors held in all repositories in the UK and Ireland. The University of Reading offered to host the project, and it has been housed there ever since. The research has been published in four substantial volumes by the British Library and is now becoming available online. From 1994, a sister-project has been created (in partnership with the University of Texas) known as WATCH (Writers, Artists and Their Copyright Holders), to list the copyright holders of literary and other authors, artists and public figures.