Evidence Submissions & Report

Looking at the long-term societal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID Decade

Understanding the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

Evidence report

The British Academy was asked by the Government Office for Science to produce an independent review on the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19. This report outlines the evidence across a range of areas, building upon a series of expert reviews, engagement, synthesis and analysis across the SHAPE research community. It shows that COVID-19 has generated a series of social, economic and cultural effects which will have long-term impacts.

Shaping the COVID Decade

Addressing the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

Policy report

The British Academy has undertaken the substantial task of beginning to answer the longer-term question about what the societal impacts of COVID-19 will be and how we address them. This report sets out an interrelated set of nine areas of long-term impact, seven strategic policy goals and five key principles of a facilitative policy environment for 2030. We aim here to provide decision-makers with a sense of how to start to respond to these longer-term impacts based on the current evidence, and how to shape the COVID decade.

Evidence submission

The Academy completed an initial scoping phase in September 2020, using insights from the Academy’s Fellowship, our early career researcher community, and external stakeholders, as well as a rapid review of the literature and existing research that is published or underway. This allowed us to prioritise a set of policy areas and cross-cutting themes for deeper exploration.

In this phase of work, we sought engagement with a wider range of individuals and organisations with expertise on the initial policy areas of focus, which are summarised below.

  • Health and wellbeing:
  • Communities, culture and belonging
  • Knowledge, skills and employment

We approached each of these policy areas with these five cross-cutting themes in mind:

  • Governance
  • Trust
  • Cohesion
  • Inequalities
  • Sustainability

These reports are a rapid response to the British Academy’s call for evidence on the long-term societal effects and impacts of COVID-19.

Policy areas


‘Shaping the COVID Decade’, explained in two minutes

23 Mar 2021 Professor Dominic Abrams FBA

The key points from our reports on understanding and addressing the COVID decade, summarised in just two minutes.

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