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Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture

Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture

This is the first comprehensive catalogue of the substantial amount of stone sculpture that survives from the pre-Conquest period of England. It provides a comprehensive photographic record, including many previously unpublished or inaccessible pieces. The catalogue entries give a detailed description of each stone, and a discussion of its date and art-historical connections (both within England and beyond). Introductory chapters set the historical and stylistic contexts. The stone sculpture of Anglo-Saxon England forms an important source for archaeologists and historians – offering fascinating insights into the thought-world of early medieval man.

General Editor: Professor Rosemary Cramp FBA

Volumes are published by Oxford University Press. Some older volumes are available from Oxbow Books.

‘The project as a whole remains remarkable, both for what it has already achieved, and for what it will make possible once it is complete. As a compendium of data it continues to astonish, and the introductions to each volume continue to increase our understanding of the material.’ Northern History

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Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture 13, Derbyshire & Staffordshire (cover)XIII. Derbyshire and Staffordshire, by Jane Hawkes & Philip Sidebottom with Martin Biddle
574 pages, including 180 b&w plate pages + 1 colour plate
978-0-19-726621-2  hbk    2018    available from OUP    £100.00

XII. Nottinghamshire, by Paul Everson & David Stocker
370 pages, including 76 b&w plate pages
978-0-19-726595-6  hbk    2016    available from OUP    £80.00

XI. Early Cornish Sculpture, by Ann Preston-Jones & Elisabeth Okasha
518 pages, including 152 b&w and 15 colour plate pages
978-0-19-726565-9  hbk    2013    available from OUP    £90.00
Winner of the Holyer and Gof Cup 2015 [British Academy blog piece by Ann Preston-Jones]

X. The Western Midlands: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, by Richard Bryant with Michael Hare
616 pages, including 152 b&w plate pages, + 1 colour plate
978-0-19-726515-4  hbk    2012    available from OUP    £100.00

IX. Cheshire and Lancashire, by Richard N Bailey
536 pages, including 192 plate pages
978-0-19-726462-1  hbk    2010    available from OUP    £90.00
[British Academy Review article by Rosemary Cramp & Richard N Bailey]
[Searchable content of Volume IX]

VIII. Western Yorkshire, by Elizabeth Coatsworth
528 pages, including 174 plate pages
978-0-19-726425-6  hbk    2008    available from OUP    £100.00
[Searchable content of Volume VIII]

VII. South-West England by Rosemary Cramp
464 pages, including 136 plate pages
978-0-19-726334-1  hbk    2006    out of print
[Searchable content of Volume VII]

VI. Northern Yorkshire, by James Lang
556 pages, including 171 plate pages
978-0-19-726256-6  hbk    2002    available from OUP    £145.00
[Searchable content of Volume VI]

V. Lincolnshire, by Paul Everson & David Stocker
0-19-726188-4  hbk    1999    out of print
[British Academy Review article by Rosemary Cramp]
[Searchable content of Volume V]

IV. South-East England, by Dominic Tweddle, Martin Biddle & Birthe Kjølbye-Biddle
594 pages + 1 colour plate
0-19-726129-9  hbk     1995    out of print
[Searchable content of Volume IV]

III. York and Eastern Yorkshire, by James Lang
0-19-726079-9  hbk    1991    out of print
[Searchable content of Volume III]

II. Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire North-of-the-Sands, by Richard N Bailey & Rosemary Cramp
0-19-726036-5  hbk    1988    out of print
[Searchable content of Volume II]

I. County Durham and Northumberland, by Rosemary Cramp
0-19-726012-8  2 part set, hbk     1984    out of print
[Searchable content of Volume I]

Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture: General Introduction  by Rosemary Cramp
0-85672-478-5  pbk    1984     out of print
[The General Introduction was included within Corpus Volumes I–II]

Reissued as:
Grammar of Anglo-Saxon Ornament. A General Introduction to the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture  by Rosemary Cramp
0-19-726098-5  pbk    1991, repr 1995, 1999    out of print
[A copy of the Grammar accompanied Volumes III–V - PDF file available]