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Experiencing Violence

This project seeks to develop better understanding of how violence is conceptualised and explained.

Violence is a near ever-present reality for much of humanity, but the narratives and experiences of violence are poorly understood in the public imagination and policy process. This project aims to re-assess our approach to violence by seeking to develop better understanding of how violence is defined. It examines the way we approach the understanding of violence and seek to interpret it, embracing the full complexity of violence as a social, historical and political phenomenon, as well as the implications that this has for research and policy engagement.

Project part of

Conflict, Stability & Security

Our activities under the theme of Conflict, Stability & Security aim to illustrate the importance of in-depth and broad understanding of the historical, political, linguistic, cultural and socio-economic context, as well as the importance of perspectives from the philosophical to the demographic, when examining and responding to conflict and insecurity overseas.


We foster international collaboration in the humanities and social sciences, and promote the sharing of international perspectives on global challenges.

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