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Cassiano dal Pozzo: Museo Cartaceo

General Editors: Dr J I R Montagu, FBA, and Dr A MacGregor 
Managing Editor: Miss K Owen 
Project Co-ordinator: Miss R Alexandratos 

The 'Museo Cartaceo', or 'Paper Museum', is a collection of more than 7,000 watercolours, drawings and prints, assembled during the first half of the seventeenth century by the renowned Roman patron and collector, Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588–1657). It represents one of the most significant attempts ever made before the age of photography to embrace all human knowledge in visual form. Documenting ancient art, archaeology, botany, geology, ornithology and zoology, the collection today constitutes a visual database that provides us with a significant tool for understanding the culture and intellectual concerns of a period during which the foundations of our own scientific methods of research and classification were laid down.