Building Infrastructures of Climate Repair in the 24-Hour Risk City: Learning from Karachi and Nairobi

This project juxtaposes the notion of the 'good city' and the classical idea of the topos of the good life (Amin 2006) in tension with the concept of the '24-Hour Risk City' to understand the interactions between multiple forms of urban violence and climate risks in Nairobi (Kenya) and Karachi (Pakistan).
Project status

Risk and resilience are a core problematic today for development, governance, and any contemporary definition of a ‘good life’ (Leach, et. al, 2021). This project puts marginalised women in poverty, who often experience significant levels of violence, at the heart of what it means to experience the city in 24-hour cycles of overlapping risks and uncertainties.

Through a process of cross-city learning and interdisciplinary research in conjunction with practice partners, this project emphasises the multiple pathways through which pro-poor, gender sensitive infrastructure development and risk mitigation practices potentiated by each research site can deliver improved wellbeing.

Principal Investigator: Dr Nausheen Anwar, Institute of Development Studies

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