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British Religion in Numbers

Project Directors: Dr Clive Field OBE, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester and University of Birmingham; Professor David Voas, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex

Project Manager: Dr Siobhan McAndrew, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Bristol


British Religion in Numbers (BRIN) is an online centre for British data on religion.  BRIN provides hard empirical evidence to underpin research into and intellectual debate about the key issues and trends affecting religion in Britain, past and present. It has four central features: a catalogue of British statistics on religion; a set of statistical time series; thematic commentaries on religious practice, identity and belief; and an up-to-date review and analysis of newly released reports and statistics.  All of the digests, charts and commentaries are freely available to researchers and research users, including policy-makers, religious leaders, journalists and the public.